Mitra Nathan is a career woman and an avid makeup junkie. She loves beautifying people and makes extreme efforts in making sure they feel confident about themselves in the process.  She turned her passion and dreams into reality in 2013, when Hair & Makeup by Mitra Nathan was catalyzed. There has been no turning back ever since.

Whatever that happened was a dream come true for her. She was in Houston, Texas for a short stint. Took up the MUA PRO Course offered by a well known makeup school and the rest was history. She started purely on Personal Makeovers for various clients and has slowly ventured into Bridals. She does 1-1 Personalised Classes to cater to individual needs and conducts Hair; Makeup and Saree Draping Workshops as and when time permits apart from her crazy schedule.

She believes in improvisation; keeping up with trend and only applies techniques suitable for individuals.

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